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Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V: Bronze Seduction Palette



This is my first foray into Pat McGrath Labs cosmetics and for a good reason. I have been tempted to dip my toes in since the brand first released their Mothership Palettes. I never bit the bullet due having an already large eyeshadow palette collection and then there is the cost involved with Pat McGrath products. I find the spectrum of colors in this palette to be very cohesive. There are a good balance of safe and unique colors. One could do multiple complete eye looks with just this palette. By and large, the formula is just incredible. I lost track of time doing an intricate eye look because I was simply enjoying the formula so much. It came as a surprise that I am so impressed with this release. For me personally, this palette is worth every penny and it is a pride and joy in my collection.


This palette consists of ten shades of varying finishes encased in a beautifully designed and weighted packaging. The impressive graphic is unfortunately only part of the outer packaging. One issue to be noted is that there is a metal insert on the inside of the packaging that tends to scratch the smooth black plastic finish on the actual palette itself. I purchased the palette from Sephora and actually had the associate check multiple palettes, all of which were slightly scratched to varying degrees. The size and weight of the palette will preclude most from traveling with the palette. As with the other Mothership Palettes, the shade names are not printed on the packaging itself, but rather on printed card stock that one could cut to fit inside the palette. Unlike the other palettes, the name of the palette is actually printed on a sticker affixed to the back of the palette.


Overall, the various formulas in this palette are incredible. The mattes are exquisitely smooth, pigmented and extremely buildable. The glitter shades are packed with various shades of glitters and go on the lid beautifully, especially with a sticky base like glitter glue. Suffice to say that some fall out is to be expected for the three glitter shades. The metallic shade is a true stunning metallic. The lease impactful formulas with the palette are the satin and duochrome shades.

  • Mattes:
    Entrapment-midtone warm terracotta brown that could serve as a transition in this palette
    Disobedient-dark chestnut brown that could serve as a crease color
    Xtreme Aubergine-dark plum that works to deepen the look in the outer corner
  • Glitters:
    VR Fire Opal-an impactful duochrome glitter that shifts from golden tones to green hues
    Rose Gold 005-rose colored coarse glitter that almost has no color as its base and therefore makes an excellent shadow topper
    Astral Luna Gold-gold glitter that is probably the coarsest of the three glitters and hardest to work with
    Bronze Blaze-stunning gold glitter with metallic copper base
  • Metallic:
    Blitz Flame-true red metallic
  • Satin:
    Gilty Pleasure-fine gold glitters in a light brown base
  • Duochrome:
    Skinshow Divine Glow-bone color base with golden shift